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Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Price
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Bitcoin price very volatile

On this website you will find everything about the Bitcoin (BTC) price. The prices of most cryptocurrencies, and therefore also the Bitcoin price, are very volatile. This high degree of volatility makes trading in Bitcoin promising, but also very risky. We have all heard of the huge price gains that have been made with the ever-rising Bitcoin price. But prices never just go up. A high degree of volatility works both ways and Bitcoin investors and traders should take this into account. So take advantage of the opportunities, but only with money that you can afford to lose.

Where is the Bitcoin price going? Read it in our latest Technical Analysis.

Buy / sell Bitcoin

Bitcoins, but also a whole range of other cryptocurrencies, can easily be purchased through the Indian company Wazirx. A big advantage of Wazirx is that the wallet is already integrated on the trading platform. So no hassle with wallets and codes, but simply deposit money and start buying and selling Bitcoin and other crypto coins.

Bitcoin trading with leverage

A smart way to take advantage of the rising (but also the falling) Bitcoin price is to open an account with a CFD broker that offers cryptocurrency trading. An example of a well-trusted cfd broker with a wide range of cryptocurrencies is PrimeXBT. Here you can respond to a rising or falling Bitcoin price with a maximum leverage of 1: 100. At PrimeXBT you trade using the CFD (Contract For Difference). This is a leveraged product which means that every rise or fall in the Bitcoin price is amplified by a factor X. Quite risky and therefore it is wise to practice with a demo account first, free of charge and without any obligation.

The most famous crypto exchange worldwide is Binance. As of 2018, this popular trading platform is the largest by trading volume. With Binance you can trade a huge collection of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, of course. Binance is suitable for both the novice and the advanced trader. The advanced trader can open a margin account here that can be used to trade with leverage (max. 1: 3). Read more about Binance in our Binance review.

A crypto exchange that offers high leverage bitcoin trading is BitMEX. BitMEX has a wide range of cryptocurrencies that can be traded, with leverage of up to 1: 100. This means that the profits, but also the losses when trading bitcoin are amplified by a factor of 100. Not something for the novice trader. Still interested? Read more about BitMEX in our BitMEX review.

The price of Bitcoin – BTC price

Bitcoin was the first crypto coin, but is now one of many. Yet Bitcoin can still enjoy a rapidly increasing popularity. It therefore still has a firm grip on the leadership position among cryptocurrencies. The degree of popularity also influences the price of Bitcoin.

What can we expect from the Bitcoin price?

The Bitcoin price has risen very strongly, especially in 2017. A true media hype arose in which every new price record was widely reported in the press. This caused FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) among the general public. As a result, many new people bought bitcoin and that amplified the rise in the bitcoin price even more.

The hype of 2017 is behind us and it is difficult to predict where the Bitcoin price will go in the short term. In the somewhat longer term, however, we are convinced of the added value of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. When Bitcoin really becomes mainstream, the price can still rise sharply. Experts cite price targets of $ 100,000 to as much as $ 1,000,000 per Bitcoin. A now popular way to look at the value of Bitcoin is the Stock to Flow model.


Follow the real-time bitcoin price

On this website you can track the value of bitcoin in real time. At the top of this page you will find the bitcoin price in USD, visualized in an interactive chart. The time frame of the chart can be adjusted so that the price trend can be seen over both shorter and longer periods.

If you scroll further down, you will find the graph with the price of Bitcoin in US dollars. Here too you can set the time frame yourself.

The Bitcoin price is established by bringing together supply and demand on various major cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. Unlike stock exchanges, which are closed at night and on weekends, crypto exchanges trade 24/7. The bitcoin market is still relatively small (measured by the total market capitalization) compared to other older and more mature financial markets such as the stock or Forex market. As a result, relatively little capital is required to trigger large movements in the Bitcoin price. The volatility is therefore greater, but it is expected that it will decrease as the Bitcoin market gets bigger and more mature.

When demand exceeds supply, the price rises. Conversely, if there is more supply than demand, the Bitcoin price will fall. As noted earlier, the media coverage can have a clear effect on the Bitcoin price. That is the reason that we keep the latest and most relevant Bitcoin news for you on this site.

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