Rules For Setting Accounts After Dissolution

Rules For Setting Accounts After Dissolution Join @TechnicalATG In partnership, the partnership deed has a significant place. On the basis of it, the accounts of partnership are in the Partnership Deed, the matter may be finally disposed finalised and settled. But if there is no mention of settlement ship Act of on the basis … Read more

Partnership Deed Or Agreement

Partnership Deed Or Agreement Partnership Deed Or Agreement Join @TechnicalATG Partnership is the relation between persons who have agreed to share the profits of a business carried on by all or any of them acting for all. The contract or the agreement that forms the basis of the relationship between the partners specifies the … Read more

What about personality

What about personality Personality Join @TechnicalATG Some people are silent and submissive while others are sociable and aggressive; some are punctual and hardworking whereas some lack punctuality and are lazy,some are assertive and optimistic while some are shy and pessimistic. The personalities and attitudes of people are.complex and difficult to interpret. To complicate matters further, … Read more

What is decentralization

What is decentralization Join @TechnicalATG De centralisation implies the dispersal of decisionmaking power at lower levels of management. When the power to take decisions and formulate policies does not lie with one person at the top but is passed on to different persons at various levels, it will be a case of decentralisation. The decisions … Read more

What about centralization

What about centralization Join @TechnicalATG Centralisation is a common ocuurrence in small enterprises. The success of a small enterprise depends upon the dynamic manager who single-handedly commands the running of the concern. He takes all the decisions himself and entrusts only implementation to the subordinates. There is a direct link between the proprietor and his … Read more

What is authority

What is authority Authority Join @TechnicalATG Authority is the degree of discretion conferred on people to make it possible for them to use their judgement.When an enterprise is small then decision-taking power is centralised in few hands. As the enterprise grows there is a need to delegate authority to more and more people to cope … Read more

What is motivation

What is motivation After making plans and having an appropriate structure to achieve the goals, the manager is required to get his individual which prompts him to action. Every individual has needs and desires which are called motives and which inspire his or her behaviour towards achievement of some objectives. An element which force an … Read more

Theory of motivation

Theory of motivation Theories of Motivation Join @TechnicalATG 1. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory The basic theme of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs theory is that human needs are not of equal strength. He thought that a person’s motivational needs could be arranged as per their priority. First of all a person will try to satisfy primary … Read more

What is staffing

What is staffing Meaning of Staffing Join @TechnicalATG Every organisation requires a number of persons for taking up different positions. The positions are created through the process of organisation and their occupants help in achieving the business objectives. The persons occupying different positions should have the ability to meet their requirements. Staffing basically involves matching … Read more

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