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What about personality

November 21, 2021 mixroot 0

What about personality Join @TechnicalATG Personality Some people are silent and submissive while others are sociable and aggressive; some are punctual and hardworking whereas some […]

What is decentralization

November 20, 2021 mixroot 0

What is decentralization Join @TechnicalATG De centralisation implies the dispersal of decisionmaking power at lower levels of management. When the power to take decisions and […]

What about centralization

November 20, 2021 mixroot 0

What about centralization Join @TechnicalATG Centralisation is a common ocuurrence in small enterprises. The success of a small enterprise depends upon the dynamic manager who […]

What is authority

November 19, 2021 mixroot 0

What is authority Join @TechnicalATG Authority Authority is the degree of discretion conferred on people to make it possible for them to use their judgement.When […]

What is motivation

November 18, 2021 mixroot 0

What is motivation Join @TechnicalATG After making plans and having an appropriate structure to achieve the goals, the manager is required to get his individual […]

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Theory of motivation

November 17, 2021 mixroot 0

Theory of motivation Join @TechnicalATG Theories of Motivation 1. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory The basic theme of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs theory is that human […]

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What is staffing

November 16, 2021 mixroot 0

What is staffing Join @TechnicalATG Meaning of Staffing Every organisation requires a number of persons for taking up different positions. The positions are created through […]