Tools of gaining organization political power

Tools of gaining organization political power Join @TechnicalATG Tools of Gaining Organisational political Power Any employee who wants to get on to the source of organisational politics or political power resorts one or combination of more tools. These are: 1. Getting Popular: In case of majority of employees is that they have weakness of falling … Read more

What is politics

What is politics Join @TechnicalATG There is no organisation which is free from politics:Politics stands for the way the people use to gain use power in an organisation. There is close relationship between power and politics so much so that it is called as power politics. An employee is said to be indulged in politics … Read more

Leadership theory

Leadership theory Join @TechnicalATG Leadership Theories There are a number of theories which provide explanations regarding various aspects of leadership phenomenon. Here, we are discussing some of the important theories only. Trait Theory Join @TechnicalATG This is the earliest theory as described by Kelly attempting to classify what personal characteristics like physical, personality and mental, … Read more

What is leadership

What is leadership Leadership is very crucial to the growth of the society and the world at large. Leadership is also very important in all spheres of life, whether it is social, political or religious From eternity it is the leadership which has directed the destiny of mankind. In the spheres of management too, leadership … Read more

Theory of personality

Theory of personality Join @TechnicalATG As there are so many definitions of personality, so are theories of personality as well. As such, there is no con-sensus among the theorists admit the theories of personal- ity. Among several theories, the more prominent are: type,trait, psychoanalytic, social learning and self theory. A brief discussion of each follows. … Read more

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