Download MTG ncert at fingure tips book pdf & review

Download MTG ncert at fingure tips book pdf & review


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MTG is one of the books that are very good and also considered as essential for the NEET and IIT jee preparation so the. the book is considered as the awesome in the book here are the main highlights.
according to the Arnav Chauhan who is a mbbs student at MLB medical college Jhansi.

MTG NCERT at your fingertips is quite a good book here’s why:

  • It contains a variety of questions from a chapter.
  • It has a HOTS questions that help you apply your knowledge.
  • You can test your retention using this book, like doing the questions of a chapter you’ve done a while ago, since most questions are basic knowledge of NCERT.
  • There are a lot of questions based on diagrams.
I’d certainly recommend this book however if you go to some classes which provide their own material, I suggest you finish that first then solve the book.
here is the links to book shared by one of the users of our website sent us the links 

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