Free Fire Max vs Free Fire: System requirements and major features compared

Free Fire Max vs Free Fire: System requirements and major features compared

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Free Fire Max vs Free Fire: System requirements and major features compared

Free Fire Max vs Free Fire: Free Fire has surpassed PUBG Mobile as India’s most popular mobile battle royale game, taking advantage of its rival’s ban and leaving it in the dust. As the game’s popularity rises, so do comparisons between it and PUBG Mobile and it’s apparent that Free Fire looks worse.

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That’s why Garena has started playing Free Fire MAX, a whole new version of the game. This version will feature much-improved visuals, making use of resources available on higher-end PCs. We’ll compare Free Fire MAX versus Free Fire in this post to see the changes between the two versions of the game.

List of differences between Free Fire and Free Fire

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This is most likely the major reason why many prefer MAX to the original. While the Original game only goes up to Ultra, Max includes an additional higher-level called Super Ultra, which has even better items, special effects, and character textures.

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Of course, the environment will benefit the most, with everything receiving a better quality upgrade. The particle effects on the skin come in second; they would be more noticeable in MAX.

Game Size

All of these aesthetic enhancements, of course, necessitate a significant increase in storage capacity. The Free Fire MAX will be three times larger than the standard edition, ranging from 1.5 to 2 GB. If you don’t have enough storage space, make some now; you’ll need some more for the game to function more smoothly.

Draw distance

In a game like Free Fire, draw distance is critical since many encounters take place at greater ranges. However, it uses a lot of the device’s resources. The game would depict an even larger region in Max. When playing against normal players, MAX players may find this helpful because they will be able to see further.

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According to reports, Garena will introduce a new Scope to MAX to make use of the greater draw distance.

Higher resource consumption

To run MAX at recommended settings, you’ll need a device with at least 4GB of RAM. The standard version is quite lightweight, requiring just 2GB for recommended and 1 GB for the minimum.

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If your smartphone only has 2GB of RAM, you may still use Free Fire MAX, but all of your settings will have to be set to “Low.”

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New features

According to unofficial sources, MAX will have streaming capabilities as well as a few other quality-of-life features. Streaming via Garena’s exclusive platform “Booyah” would be considerably easier

2 – The launch date of free fire Max In India

On December 7, 2020, it would be accessible in just four days. This information was obtained from the game’s Vietnam Developers Team. The game is a distinct program from Free Fire, so you may install both without difficulty on your smartphone.

Players may use their Free Fire account to log in to Free Fire MAX, and their previous progress will be transferred over. Free Fire MAX and Normal players can play together as if they were in the same game.

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This is one of the finest features: even if your friend’s gadget is less powerful than yours, you can still play together, with him using the standard version and you utilizing Free Fire MAX. PUBG Mobile, for example, does not have this functionality; the game’s playerbase is split between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite.

3 – Free Fire Max System Requirements

Despite the fact that the game is designed for high-end smartphones, the total system requirements for Free Fire Max are still rather modest. If your phone has 2GB of RAM or more, you can try running Free Fire Max on low settings

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