Tools of gaining organization political power

Tools of gaining organization political power

Tools of Gaining Organisational political Power Any employee who wants to get on to the source of organisational politics or political power resorts one or combination of more tools. These are:

1. Getting Popular: In case of majority of employees is that they have weakness of falling prey to praise, treat and bias. It works on “if you look at others, others look at you. Whenever you talk sweet and soft-spoken apparently it goes in favour of your colleague and he turns soft-towards. Those who are soft-tongued and praising others, they become more popular. Pleasing every body is an art.This is possible to praise one on the face and tell opposite of him to his rival. Such persons get easy support which can be exploited at the opportune time.

2. Turn Persuasive: The aim of politician is to get.soft corner from others by being persuasive without offending the person. It is a tact and diplomacy where he tells the truth without incurring any offending comments from others. It is because one who wants to play the game of politics,he can not afford to be arrogant. Tact is the act of telling the
bitter truth and making the other party to accept it gracefully. Persuasion gets the favour from even the most fastidi-
ous person.

3. Reciprocal Favours: Life is a patent example of mutual interdependence. The relations take birth and continue longer on mutual respect, help, cooperation. A person who favours another, he expects directly or indirectly from other. In the wake of reciprocity, persons go on favouring others and encash on the even when their favour or support is needed. A politician knows who is who in the organisation when he can be most effective is getting his motive

4. Image Building: Major components of personal image are his physical and mental personality, and attire. It is these qualities both physical and mental and his attire and
ettiquates, style make him outstanding or extra-ordinary. His physical qualities, as health, physique, mental qualities of intelligence and judgement; character qualities of honesty,hard working, courage; social qualities of extroversy, resourcefulness are these make him enjoy an eviable image.Have, he commands respects, and attracts others.

5. Forming Strategic Alliances: It is well-known that birds of the same feather flock-together. These are days of number. A politician has the knack of having loyalty from his colleagues. Even his opponents turn to respect him,
These alliances are most important. It is definitely a political ability to have ready support from others. In an organisation rising leaders get the opportunity of building alliances than setting leaders. To get favours, the people at lower level always support the rising sun and not the setting sun.

6. Manipulation of Agenda: There are persons who are politically motivated who decide the agenda of meetings where decisions are taken on the basis of order of points. It is generally seen that those items appear at early stage, they receive good response; discussion takes place and decisions are made than on the items that appear at the fag end of the agenda. These items do not receive due attention and they are hurriedly treated where rationality of decisions in reduced. These decisions are as good as no decisions.

7. Concealing Information: This is a very powerful weapon of political behaviour where a politically motivated person or group conceals or parts with only part of the infor-
mation. This information very critical in decision making, and hence, resource allocation. The decision makers can make rational decisions only when full verifiable, relevant and strategic information is available. The rationality exercised by decision-makers is conditioned by the quality and quantum information. It is a dirty political game when one is not providing the relevant and timely information. Instead, he sits
tight on it or hides it.

8. Controlling Communication Channels: The organisation is such a structure where there is arrange of freeflow of information from the top to the bottom and from bottom back to top. There is a definite way or channel or channels that do this work. However, a person who exerts in an organisation to block these channels or pipe lines or live wires of communication, enjoy power and indudge in political behaviour.

9. Controlling the Decision Criterion: We have certain criteria on the basis of which decisions are taken. These criteria are parameters of performance. These act as norms that guide the decision makers to arrive at sound decisions.However, one tries to change the criteria or parameters for
decision making, he succeeds in avoiding that decision. This is an act of political behaviour; change of parameters may lead to misleading decisions and, hence results.

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